Water Weapons

I noticed that there weren’t any type of weapons that use water anywhere on the Garry’s mod site.
Kind of funny huh???
I’ve thought about making some but I don’t know how difficult it would be to make some and how much it would lag.
I decided the best thing to do is to check if there was anyone who actually had experience with making it.

The first thing that came to my mind was CS:S for kids.
But what are you talking about? Waterguns that shoot water, ow weapons with a water effect?

Well I was thinking more about the water effect since it could be expanded into other things
(water gun, water bomb, water magic)

If you mean like real water from the engine itself, forget it.

However if you mean like it shoots out an entity that looks like a water squirt or whatever.

I suppose it’d be possible.

If it would be the water out of the game its impossible, water is made within a map , the engine aint ** THAT ** good yet.

yeah, it could just use an emitter like a smaller version of the wiremod thruster’s effect, except be damaging like fire, but without the burn.kinda

Oh god I’m wet! It hurts!

You mean like this?

For some reason i dont feel like that is simulating all the partcles like a true water simulator, looks more like a path tracing water effect. But idk anything aboyut that anyways.

Can you fill a container with it (normal prop not scripted)?

You know i have an AK that does just this and you know what? The water stays on the ground and makes the game lag really bad. I dont suggest making this.

It probably uses larger particles right?

Wouldn’t be too hard to have a fake water gun that sprays particles and has some hidden pushing area effect.

Dont use real particles, use an effect. Much easier and less lag, and it will look fine if you know what you’re doing.