Water Windows

Hi everyone. I’m tring to make a mod in an underwater environement too. I was trying to make the same windows as in Garry’s mod. But I have a really ( REALLY ) annoying glitch!

The window works well, but curiously, if I orient my view in an other angle, the transparency of the window just srew up. So in game, if you turn a lot, It seams like a flicker. Maybe my explaination isn’t clear, so here is 2 pics for a better understanding:


I Really hope that someone have encounter the same glitch and fixed it. Thanks a lot for future help


are u making the windows themselves?


if so try to make the glass texture thicker, i mean thats what we had to do when we work with AutoCad from time to time.

help… whats ur gun model?

Yeah, if the glass is really skinny, then try making it larger. zibin56, im pretty sure this is a mod or something.

I’m actually making my own mod. this model is by me. Thanks a lot by the way for answering me. About the windows, I downloaded the template of Garry. That’s why I’m posting my question right there :stuck_out_tongue:

The glass is really large, and even when I rezise it for a tiny glass, It continues to bug :confused:

Hmmm u expanded it width wise so its a thicker pane?

It’s a brush, not a model :slight_smile:

meh nvm then, im out of ideas.

do you have a single texture, or is it a water texture behind glass?

Is the water accessible? If not try adding a 1 unit gap between the water and the window.


Wait, shouldn’t this be in Mapping Help? :raise:

Nobodies was answering in Mapping Help, and I’ve won 2 Dumb mark, so I thought that it was the wrong section. That’s why I’m here :stuck_out_tongue:

I got 2 textures, 1 is a pic of the ocean on a brush, and ahead there is another brush with the waterglass material.

Maybe the ocean texture is messed up(if it’s a custom texture)