Water won't work properly

Okay so, i was going to make some kind of severs. I used clean water, cause i want to see everything thats on ground in that water so i used NATURE/WATER_MOVINGPLANE_BENEATH
But then i get:
error: material NATURE/WATER_MOVINGPLANE_BENEATH doesn’t have a $bottommaterial

Okay so i tried using Water_LOD_Control and etc. but no changes. Maybe u could tell me with texture would be nice and how to do such a thing that will make me see that whats underwater

PS. I placed blue lights in that water but without good water they are sucky.

Thanks in advance. Waiting for ur advices.


“Beneath” textures are not meant to be used by you, they are the “$bottommaterial” for other textures. Try dev water 2.

That’s what i thought, but couldn’t find translation for word “Beneath” XD Thanks, ill try Dev_water

Dev_water2 is clearer afaik. See here: