I am looking for gm_construct’s water texture, I have looked in GCFScape and I could not find it.
I need the .VTF and .VMT please

i have looked in GCFscape’s “Gm_Construct” file and when i open the textures the water looks nothing like in game

Are you looking the the texture from the file in Hammer, or what ever you are using, or in game?
The texture should look different in the editor than ingame, so that is why it doesnt look right,
the texture is probably there.
If you are looking at it in game, then I have no clue why you dont have it.

I start the map gm_construct, and you all know that the water rapes your eyes in awesome quality, so i want it so i open GCFscape and open the map’s texture files and put it in my counter strike: source folder, now this is where the problem starts, because Garry’s mod 10’s map editor is broken i half to use counter strike source. i open the water textures and it only shows one of the textures and the rest is black and purple. i can record a video.

I think the gm_construct water was a dev water…?

Did you copy it into the correct folder?

see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CouO4tqxrg&feature=PlayList&p=13A8C11B9FC96967&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=32

Garry’s Mod Configuration wont work, if i were u:

Go to Tools>Options…

Add FGD file, choose garrysmod.fgd from garrysmod directory, you may want to add half life 2’s fgd file too,

i did not think about that, i will do that! thank you for the video above too, that helps