Waterfall particle effect.

can anyone give me a link to a realistic 100 ft waterfall particle effect.

i need it for my GMS map.

I would also like one actually, I have a part in my L4D campaign that seriously needs more detail, like a waterfall would be perfect. If someone can do this, or can tell me how to do it (if it works with the L4D particle editor or not) that person will be credited in that map. :smile:

Of course, if I manage to do one, I will share.

yea sure, i’ll add it to my list of things todo. expect to see it tomorrow.

i need it for EP 2.

Hope it turns out good! Is this possible to do in the L4D particle editor? I seriously want to know what you can and can’t do with that thing.


I LIED :v:

It falls exactly 100feet (1200 units, 1 source unit = 1 inch). Is this ok?

the l4d editor works just fine, however I don’t believe that l4d particles work in ep:2 or Tf2. I could be wrong though…

If not, could you remake it for L4D? It looks really good!

Though it has to be 832 units for my map.


L4d can use any particle files so I’ll make one that’s 832units too.

Thanks man, I appreciate it :smile:

Can you release the effects when you’re done?

Foda, fucking hell you’re amazing with the particle editor, some of them look better than valve’s. Anywhere I could get some tutorials for the editor?

I would like this too, I’m quite fond of making my own stuff, instead of asking other people to do it. Please Foda share your secrets.

That way I can actually make some custom content in my campaign, like sounds, particles etc. Just a side note: I’m going to make the waterfall sound myself, so if you want it just ask. Might take some weeks though, as I’ll make it in school.

Agree on that, it would be very useful.

This looks amazing, but there’s one problem.
1 Unit =/= 1 inch
It’s more like 0.7 inch from what I hear.

1 unit = 3/4 and inch >_>

depending on settings i made mine 1 inch

nice but, can i get it without the spash effect at the bottom? its going to fall into an black pit in the ground.

You could make the falling water and the splash two seperate effects.

here is the effect:

use: waterfall_nosplash