Last week I saw in a thread peeps talking about how waterfox was such a great browser to play rust (and web games like rust).
So I did download it then when it ask to install UnityPlayer it seems to not recgonize it, thus not installing it.
Apparently it seems to be linked to the fact that waterfox is a 64-bit and Unity is not…

So my question is, how did these guys run it? and how is it (if so) possible to run it on waterfox.

Thanks for answering,


Plugins in a 64-bit browser must be 64-bit. There is a 64-bit version of the Unity Player, but version 4.0 broke 64-bit support and apparently the Unity guys have never bothered to go back and do anything about that. From the 6 seconds I spent consulting Google, seems the most recent 64-bit version of Unity is 3.

Thanks, guess I missed that part.


It was a stable combination for me back when the game wasn’t as optimized, but right now I notice no difference from when I used waterfox. Most recently when I used waterfox for rust though it crashed instantly, so be warned.