Waterizer stool

Spawn a prop, click on it.
Pretty simple, right?
Now, you got a block of water useable like a normal prop: Duping, constraining…
And you can swim in it!
Extract to


folder.[/release]It was a request, but now, it’s done and (almost) perfectly working.
Use the stool to configure your water (damping, density, buoyancy), and then, shoot a prop to transform it, or a waterized entity to update it.

Version 1.1:

  • More realistic physics.
  • The players/props move with the waterized prop.
  • A new command to toggle collision on waterized props! (Be sure to constraint/freeze ems before disabling collisions, or they will pass trough the world)
  • DSP effect.
  • Fixed some bugs.

If you find any bug, please report it here.
If want to improve or use this script, feel free to do it.

Oooh, This looks interesting.

How does this work for moving stuff.

Like if i made a yacht, with a swimming pool in it.

If this just a re-texturing tool or am I missing something?

kp3: Well, yes, it will be really messy if the yacht is moving.
I think it’s possible to fix it.
Hang on, I’ll try :stuck_out_tongue:

cheeseman52: It actually simulate water.

Thanks for doin this Tyrael. :smiley:
I Really appreciate it.

A revolutional breakthrough? :byodood:

nice, but need some sounds :slight_smile:

This is wonderful! It would be better if waterizing props didn’t unfreeze them though.

EDIT: I just realise this makes a useful forcefeild, bullets hit it as if it were a prop and if damping is on full it will stop props and entities, it also slows down the player very effectively.

That is what i call one of the coolest lua things i’ve seen.

Clever. Nice work.


This is pretty interesting!

Although dissecting your code I found this, which I’m assuming was just a mistake:

waterizer.lua line 92
[lua]CPanel:AddControl( “Header”, { Text = “#Tool_ol_stacker_name”, Description = “#Tool_ol_stacker_desc” } )[/lua]

Looks pretty awesome. This will be useful for making indoor pools, and water “elevators”.

foszor: Huh, well, yes.
I’m copying some useful parts of codes from other stuff I got in my addons folder instead of re-writing ems from scratch, e.g: Stools basic functions :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, this “Header” control doesn’t seems to draw anything, I’ll just remove it.

Nothing wrong with that, I don’t think.

I’ll give this a try when I get home. Does it have duplicator support?

Nevermind it says it’s dupable. Ignore me.

Could you possibly make it so that you can shoot through the waterized prop? That would make it much better. Or maybe a splash effect when something enters it? Even better, you can drown in it if you stay in it too long.

there needs to be an epic rating.

To shoot trough the prop, this one have to be nocollided: It mean you would not be able to use physgun / toolgun on it.
About splash effects, it’s pretty hard to calculate the position / angle of the effect…

You could always use CTakeDamageInfo.GetDamagePosition to figure out the place where you need to put the effect.