Waterworld Idea

I don’t know how to call what i want, let it be water world.

My dream is a gamemode, set in (as you already understood) a world full of water. With a not long story about a cataclysm in Arctics or maybe Greenland, melting ices.

So i wish a very big map with many underwater secrets, a kind of a city on a big panton or something in sort. Every player makkes a character and chooses a start boat. The start boats have different stats like speed or maybe armor etc. Players also start with fishing nets, shitty engines and one of three items chosen by the player at start - some amount of money, a bigger container or a sail.

Engines will always need fuel. As you understands there will be upgrades for your boat, better boats, npc and player raiders.

I dont know why i am i posting this not very original idea, and doing that in such bad way, but anyways…

There’s already a gamemode called WaterWorld

Isn’t that like Flood?

Anyways, is it a bit like this waterworld:


If so, then try to narrow your idea down. Think about coding the boats first, are you going to use models? Or are you going to constraint props together to make a boat out of existing props.

I loved that movie how humanity has like pirates a big floating tanker and is desperte for survival.

Here is the link to the original waterworld WIP

Truly i don’t know, but there are several packs of boats on garrysmod.org.

can be a nice idea

I could always model boats for this.

please im tired of the old boats from halflife 2 there TOO OLD and small.