Wave of Teamviewer hackers mostly in this forum.

Stupid idiots are using VPN’s and Proxy browsing with separate accounts and creating threads like “HALP, NNEDS ADMIN, JOIN MY TEAMVIEWR!!!”

These threads are the ones that needs to be removed and get the user banned for. Team view (if you didn’t know) is an application to remotely access computers, so nubs are trying to get others into using Teamview in order to fulfill their hacking needs. Please mods, smart people, look out for these guy(s), it’s flooding the forums.

This is a very lazily way to lure users into getting their PC files (with account passwords stored) removed/stolen.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen a single thread about this, but let me know if you see any dodgy shit

Although, honestly, you really shouldn’t be doing this with people on FP, especially if they aren’t well known and only have a few posts

Paganbeef made one asking for help making a darkrp server, with the help of teamviewer.


There are a fair 3-4 posts, there were about 7 before but users doing this are getting the ban hammer quickly.

I know i have very few posts, but i am no noob when it comes to gmod.

Cant you close out teamviewer before they do anything? How are they hacking.

This is more likely going to be social engineering rather than hacking. In TeamViewer it’s possible to have someone connect to your PC and then have them “switch sides” so that you’re in control of their machine.

TeamViewer is an immensely helpful tool. Don’t read the word “TeamViewer” and instantly think “hacks”.

I know that but you can disallow them from switching sides. You can also just alt+f4 and then ctrl+z any damage done.

Any remote computer access can easily be exploited with a smart little dll, a backdoor setup (for whatever use) and a spyware. Easily first thing is to completely obliterate the AV and any of the user properties inside Teamview making it easy just to make you vulnerable and poopable. Suspiciously, 6 people asked with similar usernames and similar thread entries. Even though it’s a big no-no to advert on this thread, the mods still used a temp-ban which makes me a little dissapointed :s

I will admit that I’ve used Teamviewer explicitly before,
I swear all I did was force a friend to accept my Bad Rats gift while fixing Gmod

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It’s on sale for 25 cents right now

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IT LOOKS LIKE Rugl is no more.

This is why I use meetings in team viewer instead of remote control

There is a way (I wont say or give) that you’re able to stop the person you’re viewing from having any type of mouse movement literally, Teamviewer allows you to disable the mouse control for the person watching your screen but I’m talking about the person who is watching your screen there is a way for them to block the hosts mouse input.

Better Explanation: Their is a Host and Viewers in teamviewer, There is a way that Viewers can disable ALL Mouse input for the host.

thats what the reset switch/power button is for

Alt + F4 and Ctrl + Alt + DEL do the job too.

You people hopefully do realise that even TeamViewer has a settings page, right?
I just opened my settings page, went to “Advanced” and it has a box that says “Access level” with a select box behind it. Currently, the select box for my PC says “Full access”, but I can change it to “Confirm everything”, “Display and show”, “Custom settings” and “Reject incoming connections”.
Meaning, you have full control over what you want your viewer to do.
And to add to that, there’s a “Details” button below the select box that exactly says what and what not the viewer can do. List of possible permissions:

  • Connecting and view my screen
  • Control this computer
  • Transfer files
  • Start a VPN connection with this PC
  • Lock local mouse and keyboard
  • Control local TeamViewer (I assume this is changing TeamViewer’s settings while remotely connected)
  • File transfer using the file box
  • Print to external printer
  • Switch sides

As you see, there is a permission that allows people to disable the local mouse and keyboard, and it can be disabled, thus, no security problems when it comes to that. Then you also have the possibility to not allow file transfers which gets rid of the virus distribution problem.

If people fail to use these settings, that is not Facepunch’s responsibility. People who seek for help over TeamViewer usually know jackshit about computers in general, that’s why they want help with TeamViewer and not just over Steam Chat. Things could be prevented but there is no way to make these kids aware of security flaws in a way that other people can take over their computer, as they do simply not read anything that is offered to them.