Waves of zombies and electric generator

What would you like to see in the game.

  1. It would be nice if the game appeared in the night waves of zombies . Randomly from 3 to 5 … 7 ? They fled to light and noise.

  2. Of these, would not have dropped out … but could hack into pieces and used as fuel .

  3. electricity generator running just on parts of the body of zombies.
    Generator is placed only in the house of the metal. He has a small range and assume power 2000w. But that would increase the range needed … 4) Power Transformer . Assume the maximum for a single generator can be placed 10 transformers.

  4. Electricity can be used on light bulbs / lamps 100w there is still what some electro stuff and mechanisms .

I apologize for my English . Wrote in the Google translator

Electricity is planned and zombies are being removed.

please post the link to the electricty being planned because i cant find it, unless your lying

So if I farted near these zombies… They would run away?

It is planned.

If the developers have made it possible to fart … why not? ))
Meant behavior change is a zombie at night … Night now gives only limited visibility. I propose that night, brings the atmosphere of horror and fear. You’re not just a day to run around in search of a tree house, or look for another loser that would get hold of unnecessary things … and will create a defense and to procure ammunition. This cardinally change the quiet night. Besides it is not necessarily that the waves were every night … maybe once every 3 days or once a week

Zombies are being removed, because the devs don’t want Rust to be a DayZ clone anymore. They’ll be replaced with some other element.