Wavy Shapes?

What’s the best ways to do one? I’m pretty much remaking this:

with propper and hammer but i have no idea on how to make the blade :confused:

A lot of vertex work.



Model it

I can’t model, don’t bother replying with stuff like ‘make it with a modelling program’


I made it with displacements, I’ll post pics when I’ve textured it.

Do displacements work in Propper?

I do belive so-

They do with the latest version, yes.

The latest version is V.0.22, right?

0.22 or 2.2 or 22.0 - Something like that.


yeah displacements work but you loose the alpha

Just make it in a modeling program. Seriously, I wish people would realize that if you want to make models, you actually need to model them, not make them in a program designed for maps. Modeling is a huge part of making high quality maps, and is an essential skill to learn.

Besides 3ds is basically identical to hammer anyway so there’s not a huge amount to learn in the first place.

While I do agree with you that people should start learning how to model, there are fundamental differences between a modeling program and a level editor like Hammer.

The modeling program focuses on planes while the level editor focuses on solid blocks. In a modeling program, you can delete a face, patch it over with another face, you can extrude, bevel, and unwrap models. You aren’t limited to one texture object, and multiple textures can be placed into a single texture that overlays a model’s unwrap.

It’s not any harder than mapping though, you just need to get in a bit of a different mindset.

Oh, and you aren’t restricted to a grid, and everything is triangulated, fixing most problems that people have (off grid vertices and invalid solid errors)

Oh and don’t forget that hammer is free and modeling programs cost money for good ones.

Yea I can’t afford a modelling program, yet the instructions for propper confuse me and my physics entity isn’t there. I hate models now.

XSI is free and it’s pretty good. There are a few other free modelling tools out there also.

Please learn to model. I cringe when I see things like that made out of brushes. It’s so worth it, and once you have some basic modeling skills, so many new opportunities open up for your levels.

And besides, since most people on FP are probably students, they can get a student license for the more expensive programs if they want.