WaW and Black Ops gore models??

OH HAI GUYZ i had best idea. I am terrible at modelling and ragdolling and everything to do with lua and stuff, so i’ll just leave u all with idea to make themz. Someone needs to port the models from black ops and WaW cause the gore models are AWESOME (nothing else in black ops is except zombies). Also, Bad company 2 models would be really good as well. Anyway, if any of yuo could port these models well, yuo can haz a cookie :smiley:

i could try to make the bad company 2 models

Oh Jesus Christ.

You want him done too? lol. j/k


Do you guys flame everyone for asking for models

Not when they speak english.

or use the correct subform

or don’t sound like they’re 5

or have more than 1 post

I like this guy.

it took me a good 20 minutes to decypher what you posted

It took me about a millionth of that. Judging by it, and the thread title, he seems to want the gore models from World At War and Black Ops.

So he hasn’t heard of L4D or L4D2.

Excuse me… what was he trying to tell us? O_O

Are you serious or are you just trolling us?

You really can’t figure that out?

Friendly tip, DwarfOverlord, Facepunch doesn’t take your type too kindly.


If it turns out this user was purposely trying to be satirical with this thread, then shame on you all.

Models from these games need new uv coordinates …

Dude seriously get a life, or get a fucking english teacher!

Since everyone is lame and doesn’t know lol speak, i will rewrite my statement in proper grammatical English. Hello, people, I had the best idea a while ago now. I can’t model or ragdoll, in fact, I can’t even port models. However it would be nice to have some Black Ops and World at War gore ragdoll/models to play with on Garry’s Mod. I don’t want Left 4 Dead models because they look like zombies, apart from the gibs and giblets. Bad Company 2 models would be really good as well, as they are very high quality. Anyway, if anyone could port and model/ragdoll these it would be very much appreciated not only by me but by many other people who I know and who I don’t know.
I hope you are all happy.

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this sounds really noobish…but what are UV co-ordinates?