Way Back Home [Warning: a lot of BGMs]


Holy moly that’s PERFECT!

something’s wrong when you need that many sound clips to create the mood for a picture and still fail

Greenscreen looks pretty horrible.

so does the lighting

To be honest, all you need to do is get rid of that greenscreen and adjust the lighting to be a bit more realistic, and you’ve got a great screenshot on your hands. :slight_smile:


I removed redlight from lamp and reduced green tone at background a little bit.
how about now?

fits much better but the lighting is still butt ugly. i’m going to blame the rimlight shaders

there are no rimlight shaders on hte bf3 guys

i set up none for them, either way

then what’s with all the weird bright highlights that clearly indicate there’s a spotlight pointing at them from the general direction of the rear hatch


it’s probably because that’s how the lighting is set up

or ddok put rimlight shaders on them

i know what the fuck phong is, don’t let your superiority complex fool you. the question is why does it look like that? did someone put a light entity behind the soldiers?

i wouldn’t be surprised

I wasn’t serious :v: I’m sorry.

[sub][sub][sub][sub]It was a pretty dumb joke, again sorry.[/sub][/sub][/sub][/sub]

no, I didn’t change the .vmts

Well, then, I didn’t put rimlight shaders on them, either way.

what map did you pose this on? something bright?

gm_scenebuild, your map

well those maps have some weird lighting, you should type “mat_specular 0” into the console if you want to use them or else it will make almost all models look really weird