Way to change the ambient of a map?

Is there any way to change the ambient and the brightness of a map’s light_environment through code
It doesn’t appear to be a keyvalue of the light_environment entity.

Thanks for the help

When you change the keyvalue of the light_env you need to call render.RedownloadAllLightmaps( ) on the client unless a map includes a light_env with it. The issue though is it becomes glitchy and won’t update models so you’ll have to figure out some rendering tricks to solve that problem.

It apparently has no effect. No change after redownloading the lightmap and rejoining.
I also found this command but the light level a is too dark and b not dark enough…

The question is if it is possible to change the ambient of a map, because then I could make it a lot darker when it is night without it appearing to be unnatural.