Way To Game 24/7 Build Server [Wiremod] [PCMod] [US East Coast]


10 slots
Friendly Owner
Low Lag
Custom Addons
Request Addons
Persistent Building ( what you build stays on the server even after you leave )
Prop Protection
PlayX Enabled ( Think Gmod Theatre/ Movie nights!)
Server DJ ( Coming Soon )
No Forced Donation For Ranks ( Ranks Gained By the amount of time you spend on the server and good conduct automatically )
Donations are accepted but not forced

i want to build a small community , so come on give my server a go, if you have any problems connecting let me know in this forum post

update: added some things

update: if you had problems join the server RunConsoleCommand blocked - sent before player spawned , i am reinstalling the server software right now so there will be many restarts i am trying to figure out which addon caused this issue it was working fine before. Everything should be up in running in an hour or so again.

update: fixed

Judging by your description, it sounds like a pretty cool server. I’ll get over there when I can. I doubt I’ll get much lag since I’m right in the middle of the East Coast.

I might have some suggestions for you once I visit.

great if you have any problems connecting AT ALL please tell me the error you get because i see a ton of interest in my server people joining but for some reason it says they join but there not in the player list and they are constantly trying to join

update: added new PP

Why leave the contraptions there if the player isn’t even there? You can just adv. dupe and finish later.

true , i did not think of that…but what if the play accidentally disconnects

Add tools such as:
Precision Alignment
Fading door
Weight tool
Wire (obv)

there all there…except for multi-parent and makespherical , which i am going to be adding thanks for the suggestions

i even have a fireworks tool , which is neat

Seems like a nice server. Joining.

RIP : i hardly got the wrapping paper off ye

server is shutting down soon , due to inactivity