Way to make a custom Ulx command?

I own TTT server blah blah blah and I was wondering if I could make a custom command?Like !rules?Thanks!

Learn Lua.

How helpful…

Why don’t you just open a ULX module and have look yourself.

There isn’t really any “helpful” thing to this. It’s the same as if you asked “I own a computer, now how do I make my own web browser or a game?”. Look into the ULX files and you may find some commands and with a big ammount of luck you’ll be able to reverse-engineer something from that. You need to have a basic knowledge of Lua and to understand how the framework of ULX works, to do them from scratch. I don’t know any of those as I couldn’t even close a basic derma window by code or make it auto popping up on each startup, that’s why I rather only stick to the boring, weak and powerless Expression 2 so-called coding.

There is an actual GMod Lua wiki which has some basic info about how to code addons for GMod (3 completely useless beginner tutorials and then you’re practically on your own), but it has the most info you’ll need on one place.

You probably shouldn’t own any gmod server if you don’t code…

This is rediculous, I know plenty of intelligent people that run servers that don’t code.

And then they come to sites like FacePunch asking for help with the most basic of Lua

And ?
I can make Lua scrips, but dosnt know how to make a chat command with ULX?
Where is the problem.

I’m also positive there is a help and support area here just for that. I don’t see where the issue is. Unless you think people that need help are below you.