Way to make tools admin only


TOOL.AdminOnly = true

work? People are using an npc spawner on my server to crash it, need to stop it. How can I do this?

Remove NPC Spawner? Fix NPC Spawner? What’s your problem?

But I believe you can use toolmode_allow_toolname 0 to limit tool usage.

OR you can use GM:CanTool hook to disallow using that tool

OR you can hide the tool entirely by adding
TOOL.AddToMenu = false

Thanks Robotboy

PS love your mods <3

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Also, if I hide from menu, How can admins equip it?

How would you go about using TOOL.AddToMenu = false on default tools?
Since AFAIK the files for those tools gets reverted when you update your server.

They are not since SteamPipe has arrived. Only if the files have been updated.

@theone01143, They don’t. You’ll have to fix the tool or use GM:CanTool hook.