Way to show Gun License in DarkRP

I’ve searched the forums, google’d, bing’d, etc to figure out how to show the Gun License icon above a players head in DarkRP. I’ve read ONE post saying that in the recent 2.4.2 (SVN Version) Of DarkRP, it’s somehow disabled in cl_hud.lua and doesn’t work. Anyhows, i’ve saw a server show via text below the players job if the person has a license or not. I’m asking if ANYONE could either simply add the icon back above peoples names, or add an extra row below the job saying: ‘License: No/Yes’. That’s all I ask for. Would be greatly appreciated if you did help me out since i’m relatively new to Lua. :confused:

If they have one a piece of paper is above thier head.

No, it doesn’t work anymore.

i got same problem!

According to the code it is supposed to still be showing the paper

As an alternative try adding a file called “checkgunlicense.lua” to the darkrp/gamemode/modules folder and paste the following code into it

[lua]function checkgunlicense(player, args)
local target = player:GetEyeTrace().Entity

if (target:IsValid() and target:IsPlayer()) then
    if (target.DarkRPVars.HasGunlicense) then
        player:ChatPrint(target:Name() .. " has a gun license")
        player:ChatPrint(target:Name() .. " does not have a gun license")
    player:ChatPrint("Invalid target")

return ""


AddChatCommand("/checkgunlicense", checkgunlicense)[/lua]

Are you sure you’re on the latest SVN, because I just checked the code, and it seems to be working fine.