Way too many rocks

The map is way too rocky, if you cut down 70% of them be fine, but at the moment it’s a joke. I feel like someone’s told a designer ‘that looks great’ without taking a step back and actually having a look at what you’ve created.

I love the rocks, gives hermits a little chance of survival.

So far I’ve built 3 camps which have all survived two days without raiding or visitors. (all in the ‘playable’ area, so within the 2x2KM)

benkofk im guessing its the lag thats why you dont like them or becasue you cant find your way around the map now

Other than the rocks cutting through buildings I think the amount is maybe a tad overkill. Not to a very large extent though.

I think it was a good move in the right direction… Someone was chasing me and i ran into them 2 seconds late he lost me. Its nice to use the environment to your advantage.

Plus like gummibear said i also put up a shack and slept in the mountains logged off for 15 + hours came back. My stuff was in the box, my door was there and importantly i was completely unscathed.

It compliments ‘sleeper’ servers.

Nothing about not being able to find my way around the map, it’s just WAY too rocky. I thought it was a joke.

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As far as i’m aware, it only advantages noobs and makes it really hard for good players to hunt down people. Oh and it’s ugly.

If you can’t hunt people down through the rocks, how can you consider yourself a good player?

I’ll be honest; When I stepped into the game after the update, I thought it looked pretty ugly with THAT many rocks spammed all over the place.

Such good players… I mean the rocks are too treacherous for you ‘good players’ but not noobs.

Makes sense.

honestly the game play part of it isn’t what im here for, it’s purely how many rocks there are… and there are too many and it looks awful

Personally, when I walk through the rocks, I feel like I could be ambushed at any time. I know it would be hard to plan, but its just the atmosphere I get from them and I enjoy it. Although I do have to agree that if you get up on a mountain, it looks like someone defecated all over the map.

Love the rocks!

Solo players like me who gather and gather actually have somewhere to run, losing our predators in the process, I survive about 90% of my encounters with the predators, unlike before, where it was probably about a 30% survival rate.

They just need to adjust the rocks that are in really awkward areas, but after all the rocks look great and feel great!

Yeah there are a few quarks they obviously need to work out, such as the rocks going into 2 of the map buildings (that I’ve seen so far).

I have to say, the one think I really appreciate about the rocks is their spacing. They feel confining as you run through them, but I almost never run into a dead end or gap I cant pass through.

You can be. I have been. Twice since the change. There are a pile of serial killer cabins up there man. Who knows what their curtains are made of.

Probably my mom’s vagina if I were to ask.

I love the rocks but where have to be less of them…

Agree’d. Love the rock idea, helps break up the map. Just need to slightly tone it down. And double check a majority of the areas they are placed. They currently block off a few static buildings, and resources spawn inside the rocks as well.

Tone down needed indeed.

The rocks suck. At first I liked them, but all they do is make the map feel smaller, because essentially they just close everyone into the 2x2km area, and FAR less people venture outside of that because running up and down a rock-maze is too much of a pain whenever you want to go roaming or something.