Way too many wolves and bears(regular) spawning in certain parts

Tried searching before hand and didn’t have any luck(but maybe also didn’t quite understand search function).

I’m not sure if it was on purpose or not but there are soo many wolves and bears that spawn in some areas(regular ones), in particular what’s considered “Next Valley” on rustmap.net. Even after I updated and restarted the server today, the wolves and bears in that field spawned in very quickly. I’m talking about 30 wolves and bears total in that field, maybe even more. I’ve even spent the time to kill most of them only to see them quickly spawn again after I run far enough away so that details disappear and then go back. There are always resources in the fields but to get to any of them you have to make a path and clear a lot of them.

If you look at the second image below, all of those dots are wolves and bears, just a couple ore rocks and wood piles. That’s only whats loaded on the screen now, there’s even more.

My server is vanilla, no mods and was wiped a couple of days ago. GSP: FPSPlayers

Is anyone else having this problem in this particular area or anywhere else?

Does anyone know if its intentional or maybe just a bug?

And lastly if anyone knows any way I could fix it, I would greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile:


cool, if ou build in the middle you have a free alarm system!

This is not the case on the server I play on so maby it is fixable

I noticed that this happened on the server i’m playing.

Next valley is a horrible killing ground of normal animals.