Wayne using his mech to negotiate with a bandit

Or something…


C&C and all that crap

Low res VS hand.

Looks alright.

The jpeg quality looks really really low.

And a question… where did you got that dude ragdoll(Wayne).

“Which would you prefer? The bullet to your face, or your guts crushed by the claw?”

For some reason I thought it was going to be Bruce Wayne.

The jpeg quality is fine.
Lp was released in late 2005 or something, what do you expect?

The jpeg quality looks really low around the glowing orange parts. It’s isn’t necessarily the textures that make it look low.

It is :v:

Lost Planets models look liek shit up close (Particularly the mechs)

No seriously. Look at the glow and the aliasing around the orange. It looks like bad jpeg quality.


Actually just look at the aliasing everywhere. Still using greenscreen eh, Hairy?

try increasing texture resolution manually.

no you dummy, there is no isolation in this picture :slight_smile:


hmm, the aa IS fucked… what the hell.