Any idea if the future of rust has waypoints, or at least add a craftable standard map?

Mods have this, and always will provide something like this… It doesn’t really fit in with the ‘vanilla’ game though, IMO.

Having to walk (well, more like jogging if you’re holding shift) from place to place maintains immersion and a sense of scale, whereas if you wish to trade in some of that immersion for convenience, then you can always add a TP mod. I have to-person, to-saved-named-location, to-coords and to-line-of-sight teleportation as an admin on my server, simply because the role demands it to do my job well. When I play on another server, however, I specifically choose ones without player teleports since I don’t like what it takes away from the ‘feel’ (and because they introduce exploits, but that’s another kettle of fish).

By waypoints I mean checkpoints not exactly tp something to remind you where a raid is ect

Agree with this idea, rust needs some sort of navigation or something i can stare at whilst my screen bobs around like its being shaken.

it’s pretty easy to navigate yourself around the map if you played around 80+ hours or so, but I agree with having something implemented into the game relating to navigation

Lol wtf. This map is so easy to get around. It’s an oval ffs.

Lol that means nothing I know sooo many people who cant remember these things, if you are here to flame then go somewhere else.

Actually it is a square