Ways of gaining FPS in Rust?

What are some ways to gain FPS in Rust?

Upgrade your computer :slight_smile:
Lowering the ‘awesomeness’ level in options is another way as well.

port rust to something that isn’t unity :v:

I guess the only way to get great frames is to turn your ‘Awesomeness’ down.

Turn your settings down in the options menu. Even my shitty laptop can play it on lowest settings.

It depends on your definition of ‘play’. By 1 FPS a second yes you’re “playing”

unity isn’t why it lags, it’s because iirc it’s largely unoptimized + the amount of shit on the map

For me personally the biggest impact on FPS is the resolution and the texture filtering option
if I play at 720p and filtering off I get 60 fps + solid

How do you get to 720p?

change resolution to 1280x720 (720p) as opposed to 1920x1080 (1080p). default is to match your desktop resolution