Ways to reduce lag in GMOD

Without deleting a bunch of addons/lowering the graphics quality/ getting better computer.

Also I accidentaly remove the Trash Bin from my desktop. How do I get it back?

There are plenty of threads on your first question. Search for them.

As for your second question:

For Vista/7
Control Panel > Personalize > Change Desktop Icons (in top right)> Check Recycle Bin

For XP
The process is much harder, just get this and let Microsoft do it for you.

So basically how can I reduce lag without doing anything that will reduce lag?

By searching for a IP adress based on a visual GUI basis :smug:

Will this allow me trace the lags ip?

Buy a new computer, poorpiss.

Play on quieter server… or nothing. Doing the things you just said you don’t want to do are basically the only ways to reduce lag.


I have a perfectly fine computer. Isn’t like I have a 2004 computer.

it only lags when I add some NPCs and use a “Device” to cut them in half.

And other things that might lag, such as larger explosions.

Bitch please mine lags every time I open a door/press a button/take 12 steps/any explosion/open spawnlist/remove something/spawn something/use toolgun/click on something/change colors/press c/use suit zoom.

Don’t be so sad.

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