Ways to stop killing on sight.

I think this game highly favors 2 or more people with guns. It is virtually impossible to actually set up a shelter and get food and supplies on your own. I think the zombies and aggressive animals should try to attack crowds and be more tolerant to noise. When there is gunshots they should naturally want to investigate leading to hordes chasing people who go around killing newbs this would encourage teamwork when facing zombies and give the ability of stealth to new players. Guns should be used in a survivalistic way to protect. If i use a bow to kill a pig it should be alot better than running around with an m4 killing everyone I see including zombies.

Try watching my videos, they are there to specifically help people that are just starting off.

No, we need some sort of system to battle KOS. The children will just continue doing it all day, regardless of zombies chasing them. KOS is ruining this game for me.

KOS is the reason why I’m playing this game. I agree that it would be nice if it was possible to actually not get KOS on sight. To rephrase the reason why I’m playing : I’m playing this game because it’s like in real life or how it would be if there was a zombie apocalypse, you have the choice to either shot or not the man in front of you. That is what is great about this game, you can let your humanity, your human nature flow out, and act how you want when you want how you want to without any limitation.

But think about it, the man in front of you has a can of beans and you dont. Ofcourse you want those beans!

First off, human beings aren’t opt to automatically kill on sight in real life, even during an apocalypse scenario. People wouldn’t be making precision guns from metal fragments, either.

KOS people are just plain bullies. They prey upon the weak. That is the purest definition of a bully. They’re even more of a coward for doing it online when there’s nothing to lose. :slight_smile:

Exactly that’s why I like this game, it is the reflection of real life.
Humans are not so kind when it comes to survival and resources!


There’s no real life and death at play here, only lost time and resources. The comparison cannot be made. A reflection is true to the image. Not the case here. Imitation, perhaps… reflection, no.

Wow sorry sir, didn’t know you were so “tight” about the words that I used, but ok, so ****imitation is the word. thank’s for the correction btw.


On top of that. Let’s place ourselves in the minds of those that really see another username as nothing but a NPC. Kind of sociopathic. You know the types in fictional scenarios of post apocalyptic. There are those that flip or see that there is no law so they become even more unlawful as a way to defend against the worst possible situations.

I agree. No one would start blasting their neighbors. Or strangers. People may become more rustic but they have a tendency to want to band together. Just the rampant ‘give zero fucks’ killing, especially when people are stating they are friendly or have nothing. The last thing you would do in real life is blast them anyway to make sure.

Why would any person desperate with a gun still shoot someone that is clearly carrying only a rock and stating they have nothing, please do not kill me.


Of course there is no system to hold someone up and take their contents. But maybe there should.

I would love a humanity system. Something to deter them from instantly taking the shout and trying other non violent methods. Gun but to the face to cause you to submit. Ransom user interface.

Just thinking.

There’s a difference. Usually there is some form of engagement between the two. You would have body language as well as someone pointing a gun at your face. Usually in real life someone outgunned in that situation would surrender and try to work things out for his life. Or if he’s brain dead then he may think he has a chance and end up getting killed anyway. However in this you have a bunch of people fighting over a small area of static resources the moment you start comparing the two the moment it all falls apart.

Expand the map and resource spawns and people will have more of a chance rather than being packed in a can like a sardine trying to fight over a small twig. I know humanity would be bad but this is just a playground for pubescent 12 year olds to go around with a gun. Maybe it would help if they actually put an age limit on the game rather than have 12 year olds running around looking at naked men and being the definition of their ugly genitalia that plague the lands…

If that was implemented it would really decrease KOS, because a lot peeps (to be frank, even me sometimes) Kill nude guys because they do sometime have a lot of resources :confused:


With all the available wild life, mining resources and wood available. To be honest in that scenario. People would be more wary of one another but they would have the resources to sustain themselves.

Considering the side of the island. I doubt anyone would need to begrudge anyone else. Especially when zombies are a threat and have more valuable resources and are plentiful.

Alright, let me explain the situation as of now and how it will actually be when the game is done. Right now, the map is too small, there isn’t enough resources for everyone. Therefore, when you see someone, you tell yourself that he’s probably got some wood and metal(in the real world in that same exact situation, people would fight for the control of those ressources). That is the reason why kill on sight is so present but the fact is that it’s to test the game and when the game will be completed that KOS for someone else resources(wood and metal again, not talking about kevlar and weapons yet) will mostly disappear. It won’t totally because you will still have the choice to kill for fun, or you can impersonate someone good and actually not kill him. So with the full map there is almost virtually no reason to kill a naked guy but except for one : the game lets you hide a weapon not showing it on your back or anything. So actually letting him live is a danger for your life, they would need to show the weapons on the character if not I will never let a naked guy get close to me. And lastly, if they make the guns harder to get(m4) which they have said that they will, then the only real reason to actually fight will be to get better equipement, take a territory, defend a territory or kill for pleasure. In most case, KOS on naked man would be gone except for players with no morals(players that choose to be a criminal). Anyhow, this is how the game will most likely end up, and it fits my description of the game said above.

Why isn’t the game like that yet? Because it’s an alpha, and if you want to make sure everything works, it’s not by having everyone so far away that a fight and raids happens only once in a while. No, the alpha needs us to do every part of the game possible as much as possible to test every aspect of the game.

PS : In a zombie apocalypse, I would most likely kill everyone on sight and wouldn’t be prompt to trust anyone except family or friends(before the apocalypse). And if I seen someone naked(normal clothes with no weapon) running to a house and I was armed, I would break in his house, kill him and take his stuff. Well that’s if I decided to survive at all cost, which is probably what my human nature would make me do, or I’d kill myself.

Society is what make us kind, fair and just. Without a government, human are let to their nature and we are greedy mother fuckers, we are selfish(caring for your kids, or your wife/husband or family over someone else is no different).

Sometimes when I go out mining for stone and wood I purposely take off my cloths and run around with a stone.

Thats all I do. End of the day you’re out there to gather resources I take out the bare minimum so that if some pleb does run up to you and kill you they won’t get a full care package with Armour, Guns and Nuts included. Its a little different when you’re out in a group tho.

It was scary, when i first started out I had a little hut, and a guy i met who lived right next to had a little hut also. We talked and went out mining together sometimes. Then one night i was crafting in the dark and he was cooking something on his fire, a group of 15 bandits came down and in seconds his house, him and pretty much all he had built was gone. I never saw little Johnny again.

I disagree with this mentality. I don’t know about most people but I would like to think that in a situation like this we humans would still retain our value for human life. I don’t think we would react as irrationally as classic Hollywood zombies seem to depict us. Yes, there probably would be some bands of ruthless people, but I don’t think they would be anywhere near as common as the are in this game. I think the problem is more that there is little to no value in a single life since you can simply spawn immediately following dying. That and the stuff we are carrying are worth far more than we are to a stranger. If anything, the value of the individual is what needs to be changed and there needs to be infrastructure in place to allow for greater trust.

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how about a 15 minutes no pvp grace after death
or a drop one random item on death spawn with your stuff

To me they have to make it so that it not worth wasting bullets or resource attacking new spawns which is the only way to really reduce KOS.

Other then that they make it so that there is less contact with other players so these KOS dont happen that much. Which may be the better option because after the updates I have felt that I dont make as much contact with other players which gave me the breathing space to do stuff which is what starting players and new spawns need.