WaztedPenguin's Build server! [DK] PHX/WIRE/ETC!


So this server is called “WaztedPenguin’s Build server! [DK] PHX/WIRE/ETC”
it’s a 12 slot server, right now it’s only build server, but may probably evolve later on :slight_smile:

It’s online at 24/7! and it’s hosted from Xenonservers.

It runs Assmod, Wire, PHX and so on :slight_smile:
Good and trustable admins!

Enjoy the server :slight_smile:

Assmod is very unstable, try ULX/Evolve. You spelled Xenonservers wrong.

ULX won’t make me admin, so I won’t use that :slight_smile:

We’ve gotten a lot of new awesome features! :slight_smile:

Kpom and have a look at the server :slight_smile:

If you have qny requests, then please feel welcome to pm me, or write in here :slight_smile:

Uh… Why doesnt ULX make you admin? It works on my server…

i dunno, it wont make me admin :confused:

It’s called the users.txt in your /garrysmod/settings/ folder. Ad yourself to super admin and you’ll be set. Dino is right ass mod is unstable, ULX ftw.

oh i were told to add myself with Rcon Ulx useradd something something…

Assmod lags and fucks over servers that’s why everyone uses ULX

oh, but can somebody help me set it up then? :slight_smile:

server lags alot…:smug:

does my server lag?