[WC] Serious Roleplay Server

well here it is we (WC) have a server and we would like to have some ppl to join it

  • This is a slighty modified version of DarkRP and we actualy run on Downtown_v2 and are looking for an interesting map

-we are actualy looking for admins and members

-we are not looking for a scripter/coder but if any newcomers wants to help it would be appreciated even thought we have a decent DarkRP with a flag system for jobs

you can contact me through steam add me through http://steamcommunity.com/groups/WORSHIPCHAOS/ im Kenji

-we are open to suggestions

-we have a couple of additional jobs and are looking for ideas to add some. we have phxsvn and wiremod svn on the server.

-we created a flag system to prevent abuse of certain jobs so not anyone can join the server and be a swat officer only ppl flagged and known for roleplaying well can do it (most credits to Crazy Québec)

  • server IP is :

Its DarkRP. Its not serious.

its not the gamemode that count its the members the players and the admins of the server of course if someone like you come on the server you will be banned but some ppl come here for roleplay and ill let them come

What a nice attitude to use whilst advertising a server.

So many DarkRP serious threads in one day…


k i is join it. i dunt need infoz on it or anyhting

Really. Put some info.

Yes, I wish I could get a Serious Gamemode for mine but the Gamemodes these days are limited to the ones they are released its not like someones going to hand anyone of us game server owners a great Gamemode it sucks Like that.


sorry but what kind of infos are lacking?

You give us an IP, you want admins…and thats it. Just add stuff like the gamemode you run, the map, etc.

If anyone wants to try to ip ban wafflezz heres his ip

Not my IP, secondly, you realize you can get banned for posting peoples IP everywhere?

An IP is not a truly unique identifier or nor does it contain any personal info. So no, he can’t get banned. Especially seeing as almost all consumer Internet connections use a dynamic IP.

A flag system in darkrp?

Every time someone posts his darkrp server you reply with the same shit, how about you go mind your shitty server.