WCP Build Team Pack 1: Killing Items

Hey! Ever wanted a box that kills people? Or maybe you hate the president (DO NOT TAKE THIS OFFENSIVELY! ITS JUST A JOKE) and want to blow him up with a secret bomb! How about riding a 15ft. high twister!? NOW THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! You can do ALL of these things with the newest thing from WolfCookie’s build team; Pack 1: “Killing Items”




[li] The TWISTER
[/li][li] The Kill Box
[/li][li] Project: Kill The President

Commonly known as “TORNADO”, the Twister has a distinctive look. When the button is pressed, it will start up it’s turbines and create a harmless gas/dust. It is about 15 ft. high and has a little box for you to sit in up top. The boxes design came from the KILLBOX (Scroll Down to see). The box will protect you from all of the TWISTERS impacts.

The Kill Box
The Kill Box was originally used for admins to slay minges but it developed into a death trap from players and admins alike. It has 3 killing mechanisms: AIDS - When used, it will explode the player.
Shoot - Shoots the player with Rifle Bullets.
Fire - Ignites the player into an inferno.
The User has these choices to use on the player, be nice now :wink:

Project: Kill The President
Use the remote to detonate an explosive bomb underneath the presidents podium!
You have 60 seconds (counting up) to get the hell outta there! “HIT THE DECK! BOOMMMM!!!”



Why did you post another thread?

You need to upload the image from your computer to an image hosting site like imageshack, and post the direct link.

oh thx :)!

They look like very simple, 5 minute jobs to be honest. A timer isn’t hard to do, neither is making a box with either:

-A turret

With buttons. Honestly, bad job at this; also it’s in the wrong section.

(Go ahead, be hostile again; prove your immaturity )

Listen ok? I worked very hard at this and i was mad because of you posting something even thow i wasent even done SO, i’m sorry for that… and please stop cause im working VERY ward and no its not just that stuff, their is a lot more surprises so please don’t just a form by its images! And where do i put it then?

Well I can’t judge by anything else, they look like 5 minute jobs; and I can’t download it on this computer because it doesn’t have GMOD.

Where do I put these types of files?


You should be posting here next time.

You could have at least materialized them instead of having those ugly wood textures.

Where DO i put this form at… you said WRONG SECTION


lol i like them, makes it alot more realistic! :smiley:

Just curious how long did it take you to make these?

Work on spelling

About 5 hours, I know what your thinking…“WOW, THESE ARE EASY!” But no, they were not easy… especially the Twister!

What do you mean… Spelling!? I have spell check on! Please tell whats wrong!

If you really want to know, putting you’re and your the wrong way round, lack of apostrophes, lack of capitalisation in places…

And these are piss easy to do. I don’t know how you did that twister thing, probably some smoke effect thrusters whizzing about, but the choose-method-of-death box really is a 2-minute job. 3 buttons linked to a turret, dynamite and an igniter.

We say 5 minute contraptions because of the effort, aesthetics, and originality put into it. You need to look at other people’s contraptions, and try to get a grasp of what the standards for contraptions around here are.