WCP Pack 3: Leafy Accessories

This is for Mother Earth! My team decided that we should get off our ass and help mother earth! Unfortunately none of us did. But for I, Kapu, did! I recycle, turn off lights when not in use, and make skins to show my gratitude for Earth!

[ul][li]Leaf filled crowbar with bark for strength[/li][li]Leaf covered .375 Magnum and grip made of tree bark[/li][li]Camouflage hands[/li][li]WOODEN SHOTGUN BETA[/ul][/li]



The Wooden shotgun! THIS IS ONLY THE BETA!


If you don’t like it, skip it and go on not downloading it; dot be an asshole cause you think it sucks!
If you don’t have a complement or a nice thing to say, please don’t say anything!
You can’t judge a thread by its looks, well I guess you can, but whatever i said please :wink:


They’re certainly…interesting ^^ Not too sure about the practicallity of a wooden shotgun, but indeed an interesting idea non-the-less.

Wooden guns for wood people.

Haha, thanks for the consideration! It is only the beta so I might not make it, now that I know some one thinks its unusual. Well, its only for the people that want it, it was slapped together and isnt clean at all! I might make make it fully, I just wanted some comments and thoughts on it first.

If anyone has anymore thoughts on “The Wooden Shotgun”, please post it!

The shotgun looks a bit more like it’s made of gold, seems to have a luster to it. Looks good though

If you want to download it (I know, you don’t want to because it replaces your weapons, its OK I mean, come on, I don’t want it! Lol, but I made it so I’m forced to have it!) I uploaded it!

BTW, If you like to make movies, I am currently working on pack 4: Bloody Ragdolls! It fetures:

Barney with his head bleeding from his head


Lol, I still had one of my old skins on; The coco police. So, yea his suit doesn’t look like that

Alyx has a black eye and blood all over her face and ear. There is also a vortiguant with his face and eye LITTERLY TORN UP IN TO A BIG GOREY MESS!


Oh man! you just gave me an IDEA!!! THE GOLDEN PACK!!! w00t! THANKS MAN! I SAY CREDITS TO U!!!

The blood is a bit too blocky to seem realistic up close, but like the skins, it’s good to see people doing new stuff like this.

I can’t take any credit. You do the work, not me. Looks more like tarnishing brass, anyway =b

Like I said, oh wait I didn’t… lol… Its (and the wooden shotgun) are still in beta. Thx

Interesting idea, horribly carried out.

It would much better if you didn’t just copy and paste a generic wood and generic leaf pattern over the top of the regular weapons.

This man knows me.

Dude, it all looks awful. Work on your skinning

You went from making threads for 5 minute contraptions to creating horrible skin work. Stick with one or the other.

Obvious troll is obvious.

This looks really bad.

This is pretty bad.

Hold on a sec, I NEVER SAID THAT!


Maybe you ass wholes should learn how to read! I SAID NO POSTING SHIT LIKE THiS and becides, its not THAT bad wait… unless your talking about the bloody guy then yea im not done and the shotgun is JUST FUCKING A BETA… LIK I SAID>>>>>>> LEARN HOW TO READ!

(User was banned for this post ("Calm down" - Jaanus))

If you don’t learn to accept criticism, you’re never going to learn. Even if this is a an early alpha, it’s still really bad. It’s just pasted on textures, and barney just has MS-paint blood on his face.

Saying something that is a beta, but not a map seems just like an excuse for you to pump out 5 second stuff and say “GUISE IT’S NOT FINISHED YET IT’S BEITA!!! :(”

But really, dude, I like the idea, but it was just horribly executed. The repeating patterns on everything just make it look horrible, and the “Wood Shotgun” just looks like a Gold Shotgun.

lol 9 downloads total