A can of WD-40! Second only to duct tape in usefulness!

Bodygroups for the straw and cap, plus rigging for the cap as well, if you’re up for animating.

I made this to test the new Quixel suite tools. 2114 tris, 2048x2048 D-S/N-P/E

Not endorsed by the wd-40 people.



Gmod Workshop (thanks Wraithcat for troubleshooting)
SFM Workshop
Direct Download

That is one high quality can, will probably come in handy at some point.

thanks ive waited a long time for this

This guy knows his shit.

Looks really good.:smile:

Nice stuff, could really come in handy for scenebuilding and the like.

No shit. I just used some of this stuff about a month ago to clean up some damage to my car after some cockbrain vandalized it. wonderful stuff.

i tell ya hwhat