WD Velociraptor (first model created for Source)


This is my first time creating a model for Source.

I just want feedback on it. :haw:

Rate boxes.

Seriously? It’s a box, even i’ve done that.
Try making the content instead, then we’ll see about feedback.

Okay cool, but who would ever use this model? Unless you were trying to make an interactive store that sells computer parts, it’s pointless, isn’t it? I guess it was a good learning experience though.

All I wanted to do was learn how to extract models from blender and into source.
And yes… i scanned a box at home and made this when i was bored.

I was expecting a dinosaur…

Me too…

I was expecting a cyborg velociraptor :frowning:

But this is cool too I guess.

Did the “WD” in the title not give it away?

WD = Western Digital

Got more models done :slight_smile:

More pics:

I love modeling :stuck_out_tongue:

Its soo much fun

What are you using to model?



I was expecting the ford truck. haha

Truth, I was expecting a Raptor…

Well at least not a box.



WD Could’ve meant Wery Dangerous.


To be blunt, you should really acquire more skills before releasing anything. All of these are extremely basic and low-poly models. You COULD make a massive model pack with a bunch of miscellaneous items, but there’s already been so many of those that you might be just be flogging a dead horse. It might be useful though.

I dunno, it’s either that or come back after you’ve progressed your modeling skills further and release some quality content; stuff that has tons of potential.