|WD40| Wiped 2-22 {Oxide}{Sleepers}{Stats}{PVP}{Active Admins}

New server with lots of space to add new people. Come join us.

Connect by pressing “F1” and pasting: net.connect

Newly launched server
Wiped Feb 22nd 2014.
US mid West (Chicago)
Few players
1/2 craft
Active Admins
Admin can always be reached by steam
PVP fun times no admin abuse new player friendly!
PVP enabled
Admin powers only used to protect form cheaters/Very active admins
Air drops @ 2hrs with 10+ players

Starter Kits
Remove Tool
Door Share
Can not craft C4 or M4s.
Player Stats

Admins: Stokes, Jlstokey, BiggityTits