We actually lived long enough to see the citadel fall.



Nicely done. Have an Art

Simple, but nice.

Although he sort of looks like he’s crushing her fingers.

Then the incoming portal storm comes and kills them as Alyx and Gordon walk up.

He’s squeezing her hand. So it’s not crushing, but comfortable.

It’s okay. Hands that aren’t holding look very stiff and unnatural though.

I dont know but I think I already saw this a while ago.
Maybe just the idea? Hmm…
Its okay but crushing your girlfriends hand isnt cool.

But it’s alright for her to crush your hand while she’s in labor? Hehe

Thanks for the C&C.

You just gave me an awesome idea.

The low res-tree in the upper left corner ruined it a bit and could better be cropped out.
I think the idea has been done before but nice.
I like the posing you did there.

I lived long enough too.


I wonder if I should make a thread about it in general discussion…

Ah, simple pic, but effective. This is probably your best yet. Keep em coming :smiley:

i think the hands are a bit too expressionless, all 4 of them.