We all know how hard it is to find animals sometimes. Idea

We all know how hard it is to find animals sometimes. Especialy while we are almost starved to death.
It would be great to find berry, strawberry, etc. bushes around

  • planting the berries to grow new bushes

And then there were plantations.

It would be great if you could completely cut a tree, get a sapling from it and grow your own tree which would give you about the same resources as wood pile. Just thinkin ;p

Just clone WURM and make it post apocalyptic?.. Done

Planting weed, then sell it saying it gives you wallhacking powers :smiley:

Hey Wurm was pretty good, and everybody likes post-apocalyptic stuff right?

Ideas stolen from 7days to die huh.

And how many ideas has 7days to die stolen

Well at least they dont try to make it look like their idea, but kids will be kids. Bye

You just went full fanboy, err, I mean retard.

Yeah, kids will be kids. That’s why this forum has an age limit that you somehow managed to fake a birthday to get around, huh? Also, it’s not like there’s a fucking plethora of games that let you plant shit for survival. I mean, I could just go out and say fucking 7DTD stole planting shit from Minecraft, and then somebody could say they stole it from something else, and it could go on indefinitely.