We Are Combine - HL2/Gmod video


Some of you might remember me from my older post where I showcased a near 7 minute long short-movie. (Thread here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1505832)
I’m back with something new and (hopefully) better.
The story/idea behind this is… Well… I felt like making a video (I get these urges some times) and I decided to appreciate the true work of art that Half-Life 2 is. I headed off and got myself some clips of what I thought to be beautiful in a way of a scenery and the “story” behind the scenery. For those who are looking for an action-packed video - this is not one. This is essentially a showcase of many scenes in Half-Life 2.
The music choice in my opinion is on point, because of the calm rhythm it has. I wanted to make a conflict with the scenery and with the music of choice. (Combine - bad, evil. Music - calm. They are in conflict).
I’m looking for constructive criticism, nothing stupid or lame. Keep it clean.

The camera work is good, and so was your focus on the story we all know. The problem here for me was that most (if not all, it was hard to tell) of the scenes captured were already familiar, and so there was nothing new to look at, no new idea or concept. This caused me to lose interest quite fast. If you’d be able to create something new, and capture it in the same way you did here, then it’d be multitudes better.

Thank you for your reply. I am going to agree with the scenes being same as I didn’t really have an idea what I wanted to accomplish.

Great camerawork dude. I also liked the choice of music because it gave it the right atmosphere (kinda mellow, sorta calm sad feeling) :goodjob:

Thank you :slight_smile: