We are going guys !

So it’s my first screen on FP. (And message)

It is commanders who are going to travel for the war

Headshotter recommand me to register in FP and post my screen so i do it :smiley:

PS:Sorry for bad english i’m french .

Woah, dat lighting!
I thought it was an actual pic from real life then I was going to give you shit for it. Nice job on that, but I don’t get whats going on in the pose.

Two soldiers are talking about the war and the last is pointing a the helicopter .

Whats a Shadow Company soldier hanging around them?

Cool picture, though.

As said, I can’t really tell what is going on but it’s very good looking. Considering you’re not that good at english you should just post the picture and give it a short description, much better than 4 horribly spelt lines.

Posing is wonky, and the angle isnt so good either. But I like the lighting a lot.

Dat lighting is COOL.

I like.

Ghost: Look up in the sky!

Soldier 1: It’s a bird!

Soldier 2: It’s a plane!

Ghost: No, it’s Superman!