"We...are going...to die!"

Simple wallpaper I made for a friend, she loves francis and the scout so I threw em together in this pic. :v:

i like francis and the scout too, will you go out with me?

Crossovers are awesome.

There are no girls on the internet.

Theirs N/A’s and chocolate men who love chocolate.

10 bucks this guy made this picture to either:

A. get laid


B. win her heart over


I accept. :biggrin:

What are these…inter-nets you speak of?

We’re just friends but hey, if a wallpapers gonna get me laid then I found my new hobby.

Kind of reminds me of Roger Rabbit.

Fucking loved that movie.

is it me or the Scattergun looks more high-poly than usual?

Just you.

I like this picture though scouts expression is priceless.

Nice lighting.