We are grouping against [DES]

Reply to this forum. We are making a group. DES is a clan of bandits. We all would like to make their stay as unpleasant as possible. Talk it up.

Good Luck :wink:

EDIT I’m not part of DES and iv’e heard many rumors of what they do, I truly mean it :wink:

Good luck we look forward to some legit competition. Let it be known we are not bandits, but if you wish to think we are feel free. We do not kill new spawns unless they attack us first. We offer them food and send them off. People have been using our tag, impersonating us to make us look bad.

ShadoWalker is a nstepping doucher. lol DES is such a bad clan. They can’t fight fairly so they cheat. Poor guys.

If you are going to accuse me of cheating at least use the proper cheat. Its Lag Switching, google it. Then google n stepping. Once this thing gets fixed we will see how much everyone thinks we cheat. What will be the excuse then? Aimbot, wallhacks?

DES a.k.a Desolation is not a clan we are a gaming community.

Ooohhhh. MY bad. a GAMING community. So far it sounds like a cheating community. I ran into my home as you shot me through the wall. You “lag switched” right before I was inside, ran to me, shot me in the head three times then “lag switched” back. There is video proof all over the forum. I wish I was recording…

Legit competition? You aren’t even one of the bigger clans, you have like 15 people at most.

Feel free to post your video, oh my bad, you cant.

Lol ShadoWalker TEIG’s group beat you every time we see you. Stop Nstepping you’ll get caught the Dev’s are already on it

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Here is the video ShadoWalker. There is alot that shows you Nstepping

lets see…

-you n step my team, we raid your house and get 1000’s in duped items
-you raid a random house i pass by, solo your team 5 v 1 (killed 4 of you before you n step me)
-return with 2 more guys and kill you while you attempt to run away after N stepping (reconnect faster next time)
-you fight me while raiding you and run past me, enjoying a double headshot…

i’d say you wont find legit competition because for there to be a fight requires 2 parties that are good… sadly if you cant even beat me alone with cheats… you wont be able to handle a team.

GL though.

Whats with ppl always calling out duped items just because theres alot of saved up items. I personaly spend alot of time ingame through out the day collecting metals and stuff and its not uncommon for me to have 1000s of metal and gunpowder. So everybody stop calling everyone cheaters and hackers without proof jus because someone plays alot. I never even heard of these lag switching hacks or duping hacks until all you guys started posting nonstop bout it. I still dont even know how they work and dont care to know

Your clan member [DES] Mateaus glitched his way into my base and stole everything. I dont hold a grudge against it but I thought I would call you out. Also another [DES] member shot me while I was trying to help out a naked man new to my area. Im friendly. You guys are far from nice. I will state that I have had no issue with ShadoWalker himself.

I think they should change their name from [DES]olation to [DES]peration, because that’s what they seem like.

Except for the fact that he is a N-Stepper

I like all these aliased names here calling us out. Yet we post on the names we play with. Grow some nut hair , the only one I see that plays regularly on here bashing me with his real name is mardoz and half the time hes on a different name.

Zaeth what is your in game name and where do you live? On the hill?

Lol escon is a fake alias of mine so is Laziestnoob and Insane parrot. I might have countless accounts and play with my self all the time and raid in a group of myself with the alias’s Laziestnoob Insane parrot, Esco, Teig21, Riky retardo. You caught me sorry.

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Zaeth’s ingame name is Zaeth and I see him on alot. I find it cute that you still comment on this thread knowing that you’ve been caught out Nstepping with video proof you can’t deny it I don’t know why you even bother :S

In-game name is Zaeth. I live near a hill, but not on one lol

Well I will tell my guys not to shoot you on sight, but if you decide to attack us or come into our area aggressive , gathering or anything, we will attack you. I don’t know where you live but Mataeus does and he seems to be the primary guy attacking you. I will talk to him.

Lol don’t gather aggressively guys. It’s threatening to see players try to gain resources. This is why Des is so stupid. They lie about whatever they can. I will help new people and get ganked by people that enjoy being aholes for a while. The difference is that my reputation will be a good one and des will always have a negative reputation to the majority. I know shadow only from being killed from sitting inside a shelter that they broke into. Des peration is more like it. What clan gaming sisterhood goes scrounging in shacks? Get those pieces of chicken! Yeah!


Well you must live in our area, try moving to any other factions/clans area and set your shack up there. See what happens. We went through the same thing at the beginning trying to survive. People gathering in our territory will be told to leave, if they have a gun most likely killed.