We are leaving rust :(

We all have a great time with rust. we are about 10 players, everyone with over 700h rust.
the reason is simple: No content updates.
The last update bring new Stone textures… what now?
Rust is everytime the same. when you have c4 and kevlar, there is no challenge. helicopters and cars are ready since months.

Rust hire more developer!! ore more guys will leave this potentially game with no fresh updates.


They just came back from gdc wait


corrupt admins,lack of content/way too linear middleage->modernity life and the impossibity to play on a server thats 3+ days old are keeping me away from the game for now. that and pillar barricade etc. bs

Well… if you got 700h each under your belt I can say you’ve made a great buy. Every game has an “endgame” and sadly you can reach it quite fast in this one. Anyway, hope you find something else to drain your time.

OP, you simply play Rust too much.


These have no place in rust. Go back to Battlefield if you want this.

Bye, I recommend the game “Call of Duty: Modern Black Ops 3” for you all

Right. I dont regret to buyed the game. Rust WAS awesome. Now we need more content :slight_smile:

I dont say, that these are good things. BUT: they developed SO LONG on this! The could make other cool things instead of that!

Me and my group / clan left for exactly the same reason. With 130 hours in this game I think it was a good buy, but I expected more from the development(by that I don’t necessarily mean content updates, but atleast roadmaps and timescales).

Have to agree. The utter lack of new content combined with the developers focusing on everything BUT adding new content have chased me and my group away. We’ve been playing CS:GO since it went on sale for $3 last week, and I’m downloading DayZ for my survival-game fix.

7 Days to Die is a fun game too, and they just released a shitload of new content in the last patch with promises of more to come. They actually deliver on it, too… Which is surprising because from what I understand their team is 1/2 the size of the Rust team. Amateur vs. Professional I guess.

Rust was an EPIC game, and it has the potential to be an EPIC game, but it’s long-term play-ability needs serious work. For a game that’s in “active development”, I have 650+ hrs on it and the only new content I’ve seen is a shiny sky, a repair bench that supports an poorly-implemented durability system and a lockpick that supports a dumb idea. I’m not trying to bash the developers, just adding my two cents. I’ll be back to rust when it gets some good updates.

BTW: Helicopters? Really? We need horses!!

Doesn’t really bother me TBH. Diablo 3 xpac came out last night and ESO is this Friday.

This isn’t the game’s fault.

I agree with the development - it is very slow moving but what can you expect? It’s early alpha stages, it’s what you purchased.

just take a break man, come back whenever they release a patch

reason u decided to leave is cuz u just burned out

yep. i wait now 6 month then come back. going play planet explorers. c u.

I already left and cancelled my server months ago, I was probably the best admin on any server yet I couldn’t grow a population which was the only thing I wanted

Anyway, rust is dying down, everyone I know already stopped playing

Now I doubt everything.

Lack of communication from the devs is what is annoying me…

How do you even justify calling a game that isn’t even out of alpha stage “dying”?

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It tells you exactly what they’re working on. They updated that checklist of stuff to do 2 hours ago.

never said that. still its impossible to play on any server older than 3 days :smiley: