We are Many, you are but One.

[h2]Ermac Wins.





:buddy: i like this

hey redman are you still a vampire werewolf bass player

u still a wookie???

no see the funny thing is, redman actually thought/thinks he was/is a werewolf

i AM a wookie
now come here, me and your arm sockets are about to have intimate relations

aww lebowski u can be my little yiffy wookie any day cause i’m a wolf


In a thread about a red garbed ninja ripping a black wraith in half with telekenisis, people talk about yiffing and wookies.

Only on facepunch, ladies and gentlemen.


teehee only takes a femboy fur to smell another femboy fur! :3

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also his cloth folds are ultra veiny. wow.

Wrinkles actualy.

omg lets take it to pms so u can anally violate me in text form!!!

Oh dear god.

This thread is very saucey :fappery:

Brb making the origin to ermac.