"We are nearing the target..." Two combine snipers




Edit by Hairybastard, C&C and rate!

cool i like it !

Original is much better.

I think I’m getting better on my posing… What do you guys think? :3

I have to agree with Kung Fu Jew, the original looks better, but both are awesome mate.

The camera angle and the posing its great. Artistic for you.

I love how he’s jumping off the wall.

Nice to see that you and Hairy are friends again. :slight_smile:

I’m glad that we get along now :3

Nice edit.

It looks pretty good. Where is everybody getting the Ghillie Combine model?

AlexVestin’s model/reskin pack

Nice job.

Yes, Indeed.

Nice job to both of you.

The combine behind the front looks kind of wierd.

Be more specific :v:

It has something to do with the model itself, the camo is weird