We Are Not Alone

Poster cut:


Cinematic cut:


How many times are you going to make the same picture?

Are those the only two models you have in Garrysmod? If only there was an easy way to download new shit straight from steam… Hmm

now you’re just being mean

Golly, excuse me for sticking with something I’m confident I can fucking pull off…

That’s great, but sometimes stepping out of your personal comfort zone is a good thing. You’ll probably surprise yourself because the posing and lighting isn’t bad, it’s just stale content is all.

Can you make something that’s normal?

Not challenging yourself is the first step towards mediocrity.

ur excused

But honestly, when is the “masks + PURPLE YELLOW LIGHT COMBO” trend going to get old?

Purple and yellow? It’s pink and cyan.

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Those are the primary colors of Hotline Miami (and usually a large signifier of 80’s-themed stuff for some reason, despite most 80’s movies using neutral colors like whites and greys in their lighting.)

I’m pretty sure Hotline Miami is more colorful than that.

I literally only see yellow and purple. I’ve seen shitloads of hotline Miami poses and I don’t think I’ve liked a single one, they’re all pretty bland and uneventful.

it’s because people don’t know how to handle the colors and lighting properly and overdo it every time

The only yellow I can see is Jacket’s letterman, and Vault Boy’s hair.

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Maybe I’m colorblind. Maybe you’re colorblind. I don’t know, either way, I personally don’t see any yellow in the lighting, only in the physical colors of the image. Subjective to the observer, eye of the beholder, soul survivor, all that stuff.

yeh the lighting’s not yellow, it’s all in the characters

is this Deathbucket

nice picture