We are not alone...

We are not alone here.

I’m not talking about airdrops. You might believe the planes are evidence of an outside civilization, sending what aid they can to our savage islands. The food and medical supplies sometimes called “care packages” are sorely needed here. Or maybe you think the airdrops are only “fueling the fire” with shipments of guns, ammo, and explosives. Are we part of some terrible experiment? Perhaps designed to see just how easy it is to turn
civilized humans into barbarians? You hear a lot of funny stuff around the campfires at night. Old ones tell tales of summoning an airdrop with colored smokes.

But that’s not what I mean.

And I’m not talking about the way we come back to life after being shot, stabbed, blown up, irradiated, or mauled by beasts. “Life’s a beach, then you die.” Over and over and over. Are we being resurrected (re-spawned, so some term it) by a divine force, for some noble purpose? Or is our fate a living hell, karma for some past transgression we all have in common?

Again, not what I’m getting at.

There are always rumors put forth around those same campfires, and some of the latest speak of sentient machines about to invade, with cold logic and deadly weaponry. These “caretakers” may be coming, sent by masters we can only imagine. Nobody has actually seen them, but the possibility is there.

What I’m driving towards is something else.

Whatever our situation, whatever the cause, we are all in this together. All of us. Sure, kill your enemies, your friends, the random unknown rock-wielding naked. Keep honing your skills. Increase your stockpile of weapons and armor. Prepare for the day our true enemy reveals himself. That day will come, and when it does, we will ALL fight together for our survival, brothers in arms against a common foe.

We are not alone.

Nope, I’m pretty sure I will kill you while you try to fight off the machines and take your stuff.

I’ll be holed up in my shack in the hills with my flock of fluffy chickens, and y’all can stay away.

fluffy chickens

best idea ever right there, i hope it gets put in

That’s a cool story, and I agree, we are not alone.

Never alone, there’s always some punk ass hacker watching you store your loot from 3km away.

You forgot to mention that you’d also eat them.

you aren’t, im in your bathroom

Funny, I just knocked, and nobody answered. Maybe you fell in?


im gonna need a dip in a lake now