We are now second on the food chain.

Took quite a while for this one. Inspired by Jurassic Park: The Lost World. C&C and all that good stuff. Also, depending on how the next few screenshots i throw up on facepunch go, i might make a lost world style comic. But still up in the air about it. Anyways, enjoy.

They set a trap. They knew we’d be slow in the water…


truly, the T-Rex is the sneakiest and most inconspicuous of all Earth’s predators

Sarcasm…always welcomed.

QUestion, why they don’t shoot ?

Awsome screen :wink:

They don’t look like they’re in much of a hurry to not end their lives as a snack. Good faceposing though.

I want to see someone getting chomped while on the crapper, I laughed so hard when I saw that as a kid.

Why aren`t they shooting back? Stupid soldiers…
That grenade launcher would oblivirate a rex.
Trust me i play Primal carnage.

Also there should be some more lighting. Its kind of dark.

Also: new–>knew

Thanks, and i wanted it to look like they were just ambushed while crossing the water

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in the lost world when the trex attacks the mercenary camp at night they shoot back at it but the trex doesnt really pay any mind to it. plus i wanted it to look like they were just ambushed while crossing the

Thanks, fixed it.

You know, not a single dinosaur is ever shot in Jurassic Park series.
I sometimes wondered what would have happened if all of the marlboro men would have just stopped running and started shooting at the tyrannosaur. It’s not like they’re made of titanium.

Also, in the first one DR.grant completely fails to shoot the raptor at point blank range with a SPAS-12. i dont understand.

Yes,but if they use Grenade Launcher,it will kill some soldiers :confused:

JP3 explains that you need to have a goddamn AT rifle to punch through a large dinosaur’s skin but JP3 sucks anyway so eh

As said before,lighting makes the scene way prettier,try to mess around with the Lamp Tool.

you’d think that they would have those kinds of weapons readily available when you’re dealing with a motherfucking T-Rex, let alone numerous ones

Will do for the next pic

T-rex is just a big elephant with teeth ,without intelligence.
Could propably down it with a buffalo rifle.

what does intelligence have anything to do with it, humans are intelligent and they can be downed with a 9mm handgun

Actually, that’s not entirely true. In the movies none were shot, sure. But in the book Muldoon (of ‘clever girl’ fame) actually does blow the leg off a raptor with a SPAS-12 and tranquilized the T-Rex with a goddamn rocket launcher. Dr. Grant also kills a few raptors in a melee with some hypodermic syringes filled with hyper-toxins or some shit.

As for the lack of heavy weapons on the island, John Hammond (the eccentric old guy) did not permit Muldoon to keep launchers and stuff on the island for fear of ‘hurting the dinosaurs’. Originally Muldoon wanted AT4s, but Hammond said ‘fuck that, you work for me’. In the end there were net launchers, shock prods, and some tranq darts. Not much for safety, really. There’s actually quite a lot different between the book and movie.

Geez, guys, go read a book.

Remember to 720 no scope it though bro, you wanna look cool in the final killcam.

Only reason humans have survived is because we are intelligent.
We dont have any natural defenses against nature like most other creatures.
If we were dumb on top of that ,we wouldn`t exist anymore.