We are proud to present: RustHelper.com, A new community resource brought to you by TastyCrumpet & Jediaelthewise.


Over the past few days, TastyCrumpet and I (Jediaelthewise) have been working for hours on end developing the RustHelper.com website. It is intended to fill what we feel is a current gap in online resources for the community. On the main page you will find a quick C4 calculator along with announcements of upcoming projects and contests. There is also an advanced calculator that can give you a detailed breakdown of what resources you need to make C4. We made add others later.

I have developed pages to host all of the guides, builds and lessons I have created so far, including my original 3x1 tower design with some expanded explanation. I will still post on reddit when they come out, but in the future I will be posting all of my guides and builds to the website.

I also took several hours writing up all the official rules for the base building contest I mentioned previously. You can find them on the website. I still have many logistics to work out before we can host it but you can at least see how the contest will work. The contests will be our way of also providing some fun, organized alternatives to regular gameplay.

We have numerous other things planned, including hosting a creative server where people can come and try out the things in the guides on our website. I myself will plan on frequenting this server to personally help people and teach the techniques from our website guides.

We even have a companion App we will be working on developing to go along with this website so you can have a lot of these guides, calculators and information right on your mobile devices. We will continue to develop and create guides, lessons and content for the webpage and the app.

Overall the intention is to create a more user friendly community resource that can help everyone play better, build better and thrive in game.
We hope that you like the site. Please feel free to send us comments, questions, or any suggestions of what you would like to see in the future from us. You can email me at jediaelthewise@rusthelper.com



Oh boy we really need another rust community website.

Just another wordpress blog, move along.
But man, the calculator cracked me up :v:

Nice work :slight_smile:

Currently building our own framework for the site, needed a temporary CMS to make updates easily. I know exactly what you mean.

Just as another note to add, we will be working together with several profile you tubers such as Argyle Alligator to host a number of pretty fun community events and contests! So stay tuned to our site for updates on those! =)