We are sorry. (from TRS)

If you’ve frequented our site (especially in the last week) you will notice we’ve been up and down due to attacks. If it wasn’t a DDos, it was exploiting some piece of the site to bring our server to it knees. The attackers were hell bent on putting us down for good.

We are also sorry for not updating you guys here on some of the happenings of the site. We used to do that, but we felt it was too spammy to do weekly. Maybe it is, but some may want to know what is going on.

Some things: Our voter api is now supported on Magma, Essentials and Oxide.

We are back up.

The better news: We have proper protection against these attacks. Intreppid has partnered with us to make sure these attacks are a thing of the past.

Again, we are sorry. I know a lot of people rely on our site to grow their player base and invest in us. It’s our turn to invest in you.

Have a good rest of your weekend.

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Attacks started right when we launched the thread. Nice.

Just a note, server US-WEST (www.toprustservers.com/us-west) is having issues with your site.
#1 we cannot access the site from the in-steam browser (403 Forbidden)
#2 When we vote off of steam it isnt being recognized in game.

Right now we are under attack, and thus, we have to disable certain parts of the site that are exploitable.

We are working to remedy this, but something like this is going to take some time and patience.

Right now keeping the site online is #1 priority, second is getting everything else up and running on separate (protected) channels.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Anyone facing the kind of attacks we are would be in the very same situation.

Thanks for the updates :slight_smile:

You are very welcome, sir. :slight_smile:

Well, it’s a new day. Attack free so far knock on wood

We are working to bring server banners back and voter API. Voter API is first priority, because it’s something a lot of servers rely on and something we’d like to make sure we keep offering.

Other than that, keep checking things out and let us know if you notice anything broken or not functioning.

Take care everybody.

Hey man
great to hear it is coming around. Sucks when that shit happens.

thanks bud :slight_smile: it does indeed.

we are in talks with all the script devs to update their voters to work with the new location. should have them all covered in just a few days!

any luck on bringing back steam browser access? sucks to have to exit the game to vote for servers

Looks like your the bottom rust servers now.