"We are the dead"


Day version :


Bonus :


Wow great work.
The night version look better imo

Was expecting something from Nineteen Eighty-Four but this is bloody incredible :goodjob:

Was expecting the walking dead reference

The G98’s I ported from the WW1 Arma 2 Mod. If you all like to see me more, let me know.


And the lamp could have a little glow

Otherwise very nice

The center guy looks really odd. Weird compression around him.

The night versions lighting looks oddly flat, I think it could’ve benefited from more bloom and more vibrant colors for the gas lamp’s (?) projected light.

Added improved versions and a bonus.

the snowflakes are way too bright and don’t seem to be affected by the lighting at all

Really cool. I dig both of them. The foggy gray morning and the snowy orange blue contrast.