We Burn With Dark Fury!

Another Joins Our Ranks
-Heretics in the snowy weather, attacking their next planet, for the dark Chaos.


muzzle flash looks alright, the pic is a bit blurry but nice work overall

Posing is good.

The smoke and the shells don’t look like they belong.

I was thinking that as well.

They do.
It’s an imperial guard autogun


he means the style of the smoke and shells


they stick out

Looks good.

One of these things is not like the others one of these things have warm colors!

thos chaos models are high def? DO WANT

Rather blurry, but cool picture anyways.

Ya i meant that. The ones before were even worse.

Very nice picture, however something seems a little off about the snow/smoke, but that’s probably just me.

Damn. That looks awesome, the models look high-ish quality too.

Wait wait wait wai. WAIT

Are that Strogg? Where did you get the model?


Oh wait. They are not move along please

Fuck yeah. Death to the false emperor! :black101:

Models - do want.

I read the thread title, and had an inkling it’d be WH40K related. I am highly pleased. Very cool pic, but as was said before, those shells look out of place. Other than that, bravo.


Eat bolter, Heretic!