We can write .png files. How do we READ them now?

Title says it all. Now that we can write to a .png file, how can we read it and assign it to a material? Is there something I’m not seeing here?


That has been a thing since forever…

I think he means since file.Write is restricted to the data folder, how would you use Material() on a .png file inside the data folder when Material() is based in the materials/ folder.

I don’t know if you can use “…” to get out of the materials/ folder, though.

Material( “data/myimage.png” )

You can use … if you really want

Thanks I was under the assumption that it was restricted to the materials folder because you never see Material(“materials/vgui/item.png”) it’s always just Material(“vgui/item.png”)

It would be cool to hide stuff in .png files though :v:

EDIT: oh my god

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