"We can't found anything on the ground."



We can’t found???
theres not much to say, you put alot of dead people and a chopper :confused:

well you get a. Artistic cause i like it

** we can’t find **
nice scenebuild and edit.

Perfect prop placement.

Only thing that ruined it was the title. :v:

ooops i rated ‘late’

holy shit! gmod in real life :v:

you can refresh page and rate post again , then it will change your rating to new rating

Nice scene build. The bloom on the sky hurts my eyes, though. And I don’t know why, it’s not your fault, but the chopper looks like a toy.

It’s because the chopper has almost the same size as the window in the background.
Anyway looked like a real pic as i first saw it. Nice one :wink:


Is the background a real picture shopped in?

Or a really fucking HD building? :v:

I need those models :frown:

I can’t find 'em :frowning:

You can’t found them?


I thought it looked like the Left 4 Dead models, and I can’t find a working download.

Actually it’s alot different, having experience with L4D’s props, he put alot more than some dead body props,.


Buy l4d and do it yourself.

I already own Left 4 Dead, for your information (Pre-ordered the day you could :smug:)

I’m too lazy, and I lack to knowledge to do it.

Bleh, it does only take 5 seconds but the 4 hours i spent fixing them all wasn’t fun.

I don’t even know how to fix them if I managed to extract them to GMod.

Yeah like i said it took me 4 hours to fix all the l4d1/2 models

That’s a scenebuild? proof or it never happened and it looks good enough to be a map.

Cause it is a map…He just nicely placed the props…I forgot what’s it called but it’s a de map…